Dipl.-Ing. Fabian Guschlbauer

Computer Scientist & Software Architect

I studied Software Engineering and Internet Computing at the Vienna University of Technology, where I decided to focus on Distributed Systems as well as Software and System Security.

Currently I'm working on several projects as a Technical Architect and Technical Product Manager in the field of German healthcare and automotive section.

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Smart Meter Home Assistant Integration

The Vienna Smart Meter Integration enables seamless integration of your Vienna Smart Meter into the Home Assistant setup. It allows monitoring and tracking of your electricity consumption data directly from the Home Assistant dashboard.


The High Availability (HA)Proxy is an open-source very fast and reliable reverse proxy and load balancer. Over the years it has become a state of the art open-source product and is often deployed by default Read more…

Set up your own VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to extend an existing private network across the internet (public network). VPN enables connected devices all over the world to interact through an encrypted connection as if they Read more…

Private DNS-Server in 3 Steps

There are several reasons to use a private DNS-Server within a network. This post is about how to set up a private DNS-Server based on Pi-hole and using Docker. Pi-hole is a very lightweight, scalable, robust, open-source software that provides a beautiful and responsive web interface to control the DNS-Server and view statistics.

Android Application Security Evaluation

In 2019 I received my Master’s degree from the Vienna University of Technology for my thesis on Efficient Automated Analysis of Android-Applications Related to IT-Security Based on Open-Source-Tools. To provide the ability of automated Android-Application security testing on different security fields, I implemented a web-based Testing as a Service (TaaS) Framework as part of my master thesis with the focus on...

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