Dipl. – Ing.
Fabian Guschlbauer

Vienna, Austria

Computer Scientist,
Lead Developer & Software-Architect

I’m Fabian, a computer scientist from Vienna working in the section of enterprise software engineering.

I studied Software Engineering and Internet Computing at the Vienna University of Technology, where I decided to focus on Distributed Systems as well as Software and System Security.

In 2019 I received my Master’s degree from the Vienna University of Technology for my thesis on Efficient Automated Analysis of Android-Applications related to IT-Security based on Open-Source-Tools.

Professional Experience

During my studies, I started to work as a Network-Engineer in 2014, managing large-scale network systems to get further technical knowledge about hardware and software.

In 2017 I began my career as a full-time and full-stack Software Architect at Research Industrial System Engineering (RISE), where I focused myself on a quite big aftersales project of Porsche Informatics.
Since 2020, I have been the Lead Developer, Technical Architect, and Technical Product Manager of this project, which has given me the opportunity to gain extensive experience in software architecture, development team leadership, project management, stakeholder communication, and managing large-scale software development projects.

In addition to that, I started in 2022 working as a Lead Developer and Technical Architect on a project in the German health sector, where I have enjoyed applying my previous experience to build up a talented team of engineers and develop a scalable secure web application in the healthcare domain within a very tight timeline.

Apart from this, I currently focus my interests on:

  • Consulting projects in the field of IT
  • Optimizing Time-to-Market and Customer Processes
  • Software Security
  • DevOps Practices
  • OpenAI
  • Home Automation