Fabian Guschlbauer

Computer Scientist,

Vienna, Austria

I studied Software Engineering and Internet Computing at the Vienna University of Technology, where I decided to focus on Distributed Systems as well as Software and System Security.

I received my Master’s degree from the Vienna University of Technology in 2019 for my thesis on Efficient Automated Analysis of Android-Applications related to IT-Security based on Open-Source-Tools.

During my studies, I started to work as a Network-Engineer, managing large scale network systems to get further technical knowledge about hardware and software, which helps a Software-Engineer to work more intelligently and efficiently.

In the last few years, I started my carrier as a full-time and full-stack Software-Architect, where I’ve been gaining experience in different parts of Software Engineering Projects.

Apart from this, I currently focus my interests on:

  • Software Security
  • DevOps Practices
  • CI/CD
  • Optimizing Time-to-Market and Customer Processes
  • Consulting of small scale projects in the field of IT