I recently bought a Synology DS218+ to manage data and especially photos.

For this purpose, Synology offers different packages that can be installed within the Network Attached Storage to extend the feature set.
To fulfill my photo managing use-case (upload/backup, edit, group photos automatically according to topics and persons, …), I need two independent working packages called Photo Station and Moments.

Problem Description

Both packages, of course, use it’s own database managing files, index, and so on.
But that’s not the problem…

The problem is that unfortunately both packages have no possibility to change their default data directory.
On the one hand, Poto Station stores all uploaded files in /home/photo, and on the other hand, Memories only processes data located in home/Drive/Moments.

After some time of ARRRG, UUUHH, WTF!!111!!, asking Google for help and reading solutions like “just copy and manage your files in both directories“, I recognized, that I’m for sure not the only one facing this issue.

So I accepted the fact, that some software is developed like …


… and especially in combination with private (no shared data between NAS users) Photo Station there is no official working solution to this let’s call it FEATURE.

The Solution

In my point of view, there is one very, very simple solution to this directory problem, and I have not recognized any downside for now.

Simply mount Photo Stations photo folder to Moments.
How to:

  1. SSH into your Synology
  2. Find the corresponding folders in the filesystem.
    In my setup:
    Private Photo Station folder: /volume1/homes/USER/photo
    Moments folder: /volume1/homes/USER/Drive/Moments
  3. Mount Photo Station folder into Moments using
    mount --bind /volume1/homes/USER/photo /volume1/homes/USER/Drive/Moments/photo-mount
  4. Enable auto-mount after startup by adding the mount command to /etc/rc.local
  5. Start new indexing from Synology’s user-interface (Moments/Settings/Indexing).

In case anyone finds a better solution, do not hesitate to leave a comment!

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