The new Synology DSM 7 does not support DokuWiki by default.
Right at the beginning of the upgrade to DSM 7, Synology alerts a problem with the third-party package DokuWiki is not compatible with the new DSM version.

Incompatible Package DokuWiki found

Migrate DokuWiki to DSM 7

In fact, there is a way to migrate and use DokuWiki with Synology DSM 7.
Basically, DokuWiki as an integrated Synology package is not supported anymore, but you still have the possibility to serve DokuWiki with Synology Web Station.
Follow the three steps to use DokuWiki with your upgraded Synology to DSM 7.

1. Backup of DokuWiki

Log into Synology using your admin user and backup the DokuWiki folder ../web/dokuwiki.

Find the storage location of DokuWiki

I recommend using SSH and copying the folder to your home directory.

2. Upgrade to DSM 7

Before starting the DSM 7 upgrade, uninstall the DokuWiki package using Synology Package Manager.
After DSM 7 is installed, you will find out, that the dokuwiki folder was removed from the web folder.

3. Serve DokuWiki with WebStation

Copy the backup of the dokuwiki folder back to the web folder.
Make sure that the user http is the owner of the dokuwiki folder.

Check the owner of the dokuwiki folder

Finally, restart the Synology NAS or at least Web Station to serve the restored DokuWiki.

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