Set up your own VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to extend an existing private network across the internet (public network). VPN enables connected devices all over the world to interact through an encrypted connection as if they were connected directly to the private network. Undoubtedly this opens several obvious advantages. Therefore, it’s Read more…

Private DNS-Server in 3 Steps

There are several reasons to use a private DNS-Server within a network.
This post is about how to set up a private DNS-Server based on Pi-hole and using Docker. Pi-hole is a very lightweight, scalable, robust, open-source software that provides a beautiful and responsive web interface to control the DNS-Server and view statistics.

A basic introduction into Jigsaw and the impact on Java-Application startup time as well as the footprint

Years ago monolithic software often seems widespread while in recent years developers have focused on structuring their application architecture into technical components to achieve maintainable self-contained software units. Since Java offered no direct support to separate different parts of software functionality, using Maven modules in combination with naming conventions has Read more…